How can I keep the tiles in my pool clean?

First, learn how to identify and prevent calcium buildup. This is one of the most common challenges for pool owners, especially in desert areas of Southern California. Minerals, such as calcium carbonate, separate from the water and crystallize on your tiles. This buildup can happen because of high alkalinity (high pH) pool water. Or simply from hot weather causing the water to evaporate and leave a mineral deposit behind. How can you prevent this buildup?

Keep an eye on the chemical levels in your pool. All well-maintained pools require regular chemical testing. For example, too much chlorine can bleach and remove color from color tiles. Too little chlorine can allow algae to grow on your tiles. Of course, keeping the proper pH can also help prevent mineral buildup on tiles.

Get a professional to maintain your pool periodically. Save time, money and grief. So many brushes and chemicals can harm pool tiles and the environment.

Beautiful ceramic or glass tiles increase the value of your pool, as well as your home. You enjoy your pool and your home when these tiles are clean and well-maintained. When pool tile gets stained or buildup mars the original sparkling finish, it’s easy to get frustrated. A professional cleaning is the easiest and best way to return these tiles to their original luster.

Is it hard to clean tile? This depends on two things: how often you maintain your tile and also the cause of the tile problem. When you clean your tile often, most tile challenges are easy to fix.

See some of our before and after photos.

Before and After images of Best Pool Tile Cleaning work
Before and After

What’s bead blasting?

It’s the very highest standard when you’re cleaning pool tile. We blast very tiny beads of glass with air pressure at your tile. This removes even the thickest deposits, grime and algae. These beads are smaller than grains of fine salt.

It’s eco-friendly and chemical free. It won’t damage your sensitive tiles or grout. This is the perfect way to clean all the varieties of tile: glass, ceramic, stone and porcelain.


Our non toxic, chemical free, water saving pool tile cleaning services are second to none.