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Like many areas of the US, the Coachella Valley has mineral-rich, hard water. This is one of the two main reasons for those calcium deposits that creep up on your pool’s waterline. The other reason? Desert heat also evaporates water and speeds up the depositing of calcium crystals and that layer of calcium scale that builds up on the walls and floor of your pool. You may not be able to get rid of the heat or get a different water supply, but our Palm Desert scale removal and tile restoration team has an easy way to get rid of these calcium deposits.

With the right methods and our two decades of experience, Best Pool Tile Cleaning uses the finest and easiest calcium removal method in this area. Let us make your pool as beautiful as it can be!

Palm Desert pool tile cleaning: choose professionals with earth-friendly methods. We’ll keep your pool tile looking bright, beautiful and new.

You deserve a pool that keeps your life more peaceful and balanced.

Pool Tile Cleaning Basics in Palm Desert

Living in this desert paradise also means heat and wind. So you’ll get some calcium buildup on your tile. When pool water evaporates, this leaves behind a gray-white scum.

To get rid of this and keep your pool looking great, Best Pool Tile Cleaning uses a precision process. No scrubbing pads, no abrasive cleaning stones, and no chemicals – all of those are either ineffective, destructive, not to mention they’re a concern to your health and the environment. With our technique, you’ll never have to worry about damaging your tiles, fading, or leaving behind any unwanted residue.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Pool Tiles?

Bead blasting is known to be one of the safest and most effective. Your water chemical balance won’t change. And using recyclable glass means doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint. And bead blasting is far safer health-wise than using either silica or sand. Clean-up is a lot easier and quicker too.

How Do I Get Rid of Calcium In My Pool?

We have the specialized experience (since 1968), equipment and training to get rid of all the corrosion, scale and mineral build-up.

If you live in Palm Desert, you spent at least $50,000 to install your pool. So protect your investment and keep it looking great. Keep your tile maintained.

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Richard did an excellent job cleaning the tile and acid washing my pool. The tile looks new again! He went out of his way address a leaky filter issue. He also performed a water level adjustment. This was second time Richard performed the tile cleaning and I will use his services again in the future.

Palm Springs Pool Tile CleaningYou’ll find Best Pool Tile Cleaning working in many locations nearby.

If you live in or own a vacation home or rental in Palm Desert, CA and need professional, earth-friendly, pool tile cleaning… please contact us. We would be happy to keep your personal little backyard paradise in pristine shape!


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