Travelers looking to enjoy sunny southern California often head to one of the many popular beach cities. There they can cool off in the cool waves of the mighty Pacific Ocean.

However, more and more people head inland to the crown jewel of the California desert, Palm Springs. While this oasis is often associated with Hollywood elite, it’s actually a popular tourist destination. Though no ocean is found here, thousands of extravagant swimming pools dot the landscape hidden away under clusters of lush palm trees and cozy cabanas.

Palm Springs enjoys warm weather nearly the entire year. So it’s a real attraction for those avoiding the cold and snow in the mountains and high desert. When the weather is warm and sunny, the swimming pool is the place where people gather and enjoy their downtime.

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Trendy Restaurants, Swimming Pools, Music Festivals, Art Houses and Movie Stars – Palm Springs, California has it all and then some! Make some memories by visiting this popular destination next time you’re in Southern California.