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Coachella Valley loves its never-ending pool season. Twice as many homes here have pools as the rest of California. Your time in the pool is precious. Learning a few important details about pool tile calcium removal can save you time, money, the environment, even your health.

What’s This White Chalky Stuff On My Pool Tile?

Hundred-plus degree summer heat makes calcium scale unavoidable in the desert here. Yet high calcium and pH levels in your pool can make the problem worse. A well-maintained pool usually only gets an easy-to-remove, thin film of white, flaky calcium carbonate.

Neglect maintenance and the grayer, thicker calcium silicate (sand) will build up. This sand takes special equipment and effort to get rid of. It also destroys pumps, pipes and pool accessories.

A pool professional wearing safety gear might test the tile with a drop of muriatic acid. Calcium carbonate will start foaming. Silicate won’t foam.

Now what do I do?

Pool tile is different than kitchen tile. Pool tile won’t fade, warp or crack nearly as easily as the indoor kind. Tile around your pool is more resistant to sunlight, water and pool chemicals too. Yet the wrong cleaning methods can still damage it, take too much effort, or hurt your health.

Pumice stone cleans some surfaces (not vinyl or fiberglass), but it takes real effort. Pool suppliers can point you toward stain erasers and scale removers. With options like this, you’ll have to drain your pool – at least partially. In addition, silicate can take months to dissolve with chemicals. Some of these chemicals also come with health dangers.

So what’s the best way to remove calcium from pool tile?

A trusted pool professional can check your pool’s water chemistry. This often reveals the best way to clean your tile.

Best Pool Tile Cleaning offers a foolproof method: bead blasting. It never hurts your tile. Cleanup is easy. It doesn’t harm the environment or present the health hazards from harsh chemicals or sand blasting. And your tile looks brand new again.

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